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Mother Nature At Work!

alpine living air ecoquest living air parts


How does "Mother Nature" Clean the air?

During a Thunderstorm "Mother Nature" Uses the sun and the Lightning Bolts to Produce Ozone, which Clean and Disinfect the Air, and Through the Wind and The Rain She Settles the Airborne Particles From the Air. The Active-Pure Air Purifier System Nicknamed as "Thunderstorm In a Box" Replicates That Same Process to Clean and Disinfect Your Indoor Air (without the Damaging effects of the Winds and the Rain). FreshAir Air Purifiers utilize a patented technology with synergy of Ion Generation in conjunction with controlled low-levels of Ozone Generation to help purify your indoor air and provide you and your family with clean breathable fresh air.


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All New FreshAir Air Purifier

Air Ionizer

ActivePure Technology
Active Pure Is Scientifically Proven,
To Kills Germs on ALL Surfaces

With ActivPure, viruses on doorknobs, like the flu,
die. Bacteria, like E. coli and Salmonella on
countertops, are stopped in their tracks.
And mold is attacked whether visible or
not. That means less exposure to
illness-causing germs for your
friends and family.

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Products & Parts At Deep
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and Living Water Purifiers:

The EPA States That Indoor Air Pollution is the #1
Environmental Health Concern in America Today!

use alpine living air and ecoquest living air

Eagle 5000 air purifier system is the overall best Ionizer, air filter, air purifier, air cleaner, and odor remover.

A closer look at some of the indoor air pollutants!

Dust-mites, Mange-Mites, Pollen and Molds:

Did you know? 42,000 dust mites can live in only one ounce of dust! Forty pounds of dust generated per year per each 1,500 square feet of living space can host 15 different species of dust- mites, Mange-Mites, Pollen,
and various types of Molds!

destroy with alpine living air
destroy with ecoquest living air
destroy with alpine living air

destroy with ecoquest living air

Remember, Just because you don't see them
doesn't mean that they are not there!


Did you know? Second had smoke is many times worse than the cigarette smoke itself? If you're breathing the air that is contaminated with any type of smoke, it will have a negative and harmful effect on your over all health.


Did you know? Various types of Bacteria are found in your heating and cooling system, house pets, garbage, bathrooms - everywhere in your home and office, when you're not using the right air purifier/sanitizer to eliminate them on daily basis?

Mold Spores:

Did you know? Mold spores are found in your heating and cooling systems (the air that you breathe), in damp clothing, cleaning materials and in the moisture in your ceilings, walls, carpets, drapes, and almost always in any damp area of your home or office?

So What You Need Is An Effective Air Purifier To:

  • Clean and Purify Your Indoor Air while Saving You Money.
  • Safely Sanitize Your Living Environment.
  • Remove Dust and Invisible Air-borne Particles.
  • Replace Stale Air and Bad Odors With Fresh Air.
  • Get rid of any type of Smoke and Smoke Odor.
  • Get rid of Dangerous Mold Spores.
  • Get rid of Allergens Dust Mite, Mange-Mite & pollen.
  • Save You Money On Operation and maintenance

Click HERE to see an animation of how Activated Oxygen and Ionization can clean your indoor air!

Try an Alpine/EcoQuest Living Air Purifier For
Your Home Or Office Today, and Start
Breathing Cleaner Fresher Air For
More Energy, Better Mental
Concentration, and an
Overall Better Health!

Here is Why Alpine EcoQuest Living Air™ Purifiers Work!
"They clean the air by simulating the
nature's powerful Thunderstorm"

We've all taken a walk after a Thunderstorm and experienced the clean and fresh smell in the air. That's ionization and Ozone at work, and it is this same natural process that these highly advanced Air Purifier systems simulate.

"Our life has been more pleasant with the air purifier machine in our home. We genuinely breathe fresh air every day - no dog smells (we have three), no animal dander, no musty odors and no dust!
Most of all, my breathing problems have improved ever since we purchased our air Purifier machine. If you remember, I was a skeptic! Now I'm a true believer."

   Don Alfano, Alfano Associates, Westfield, NJ.

What is America's #1 Pollution Problem?

Indoor air pollution! with today's building methods and codes, the demands for better energy conservation has resulted in a super-insulated, air tight indoor spaces. These practices result in lower heating and cooling costs; however, they also keep natural air cleaning agents outside while pollution is trapped inside. That is why you need a technologically- advanced Living Air Purifier to help you breathe clean air while you're indoors.

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